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Church Marquees

Below is a list of interesting but true sayings that I have seen on various church marquees around the country. I will continue to add new sayings to this list as I find them. If you've seen any good sayings on a church marquee that isn't already listed on this page, please let me know. Enjoy & God Bless!

If You're Born Once, You'll Die Twice
If You're Born Twice, You'll Die Once

Preach The Gospel Everday
When Necessary Use Words

Do You Know Jesus
Or Just Know About Jesus

Be An Organ Doner
Give Your Heart To Jesus

Enjoy This Day!
Compliments Of God

Wal-mart Is Not The
Only Saving Place

Jesus Lives In The Community
He Only Visits The Church

Heavenly Forecast - Reign Forever!

The Light Of The World
Knows No Power Failure

A. S. A. P.
Always Say A Prayer

If You Think Meek Is Weak
Try Being Meek For A Week

ATM Inside
Atonement, Truth And Mercy

Eternity Is A Long Time
To Think About
What You Should Have Done

God Answers Knee-Mail

God Doesn't Call The Qualified
He Qualifies The Called

You Can Trust A Man
Who Died For You

Exercise Daily
Walk With The Lord

Call 911
This Church Is On Fire

Children Brought Up In Church
Are Seldom Brought Up In Court

The Next Best Thing To Being There

Psalms Read Here

If You Can't Stand The Heat
You Better Make Plans To Avoid It

A Child Of The King
Should Bear A Family Resemblance

What On Earth Are You Doing
For Heaven's Sake

Church Is A Hospital For Sinners
Not A Museum For Saints

Guest's Welcome
Members Expected!

Y2K = Yield To the King

He Who Throws Dirt
Loses Ground

Seven Days Without Prayer
Makes One Weak

Count Your Blessings
Not Your Problems

Exposure To The Son
May Prevent Burning

A Family Altar
Can Alter A Family

If You're Far From God In Life
You'll Be Far From God In Death

He Who Kneels Before God
Can Stand Before Anyone

To Be Almost Saved
Is To Be Totally Lost

If You're Wrinkled With Burden
Come In For A Faith Lift

Our Church Is Prayer Conditioned

What Does It Take
For God To Get Our Attention

The Vitamin Good For Friendship Is B1

Thank God I'm Forgiven

Don't Put A Question Mark
Where God Put A Period

Atheism Is A
Non-Prophet Organization

Jesus Died For You
So He Wouldn't Have To Live Without You

God Is My Soul Provider

A Wise Child
Hears His Father's Instructions

Christ's Return Is Near
Don't Miss It For The World

Got Jesus?

God Promised A Safe Landing
Not Smooth Sailing

Jesus Is My Rock
And My Name Is On The Roll

In Trying Times
Don't Quit Trying

If You Stand For Nothing
You'll Fall For Anything

Do You Have Any Idea
Where You're Going

What Part Of Thou Shalt Not
Didn't You Understand

Fight Truth Decay
Study The Bible Daily

Do Not Wait For The Hearse
To Take You To Church

In The Dark? Follow The Son

To Avoid Sin's Tragedy
Learn Satan's Strategy

We Don't Change The Message
The Message Changes Us

A Church Is A Gift From God
Assembly Required

Don't Give Up
Moses Was A Basketcase Too

Jesus Is An Investment
That Never Loses Interest

Soul Food Served Here

Give Thanks For Each Day
You'll Never Get To Live It Over Again

To Know The Strength Of The Anchor
You Need To Feel The Storm

Peace Is Not Absence Of Conflict
But The Ability To Cope With It

Sign Broken
Come Inside For Message

Know God - Know Peace
No God - No Peace

Its Not Just To Wear The Cross
But To Bear The Cross

Get Right or Get Left

Where Will You Be Seated In Eternity
Smoking or Non-Smoking

Jesus Is The Reason For The Season

Worry Is A Merry-Go-Round
Except It Rides You

If It Pleases You To Please The Lord
Then Do As You Please

Under The Same Management
For 2000 Years

A Parent's Life
Is A Child's Guidebook

We Are Not Dairy Queen
But We Have Great Sundays

Filling Station

Welcome To Our CH   CH
What's Missing - UR

Why Worry
When You Can Pray

Free Trip To Heaven
Details Inside

If You Walk With The Lord
You'll Never Be Out Of Step

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