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Bible Trivia

In the back of one of my Bibles is a couple of pages of Bible questions and answers. After reading through these I decided that it would make a very interesting "trivia style" web page. All of the answers can be found in the Bible and I have provided the answers location below each question. Good Luck!

1.) For what sin shall no man be forgiven?
† Luke 12:10

2.) Why do we sometimes fail to receive when we ask?
† James 4:3

3.) Where was the first miracle that Jesus performed?
† John 2:1-11

4.) Who appeared with Jesus on the mountain as He prayed?
† Luke 9:30

5.) Who was the chief of the devils?
† Luke 11:15

6.) What form did the Holy Spirit take at Christ's baptism?
† Mark 1:10

7.) Who did Jesus send to prepare the passover?
† Luke 22:8

8.) What man begged the body of Jesus after his crucifixion?
† Luke 23:50-52

9.) What brings forth sin?
† James 1:15

10.) In what city did Philip live?
† John 1:44

11.) Who made a fourth with the three Hebrews in the fiery furnace?
† Daniel 3:25

12.) What are the two masters that Christ said no man can serve at the same time?
† Matthew 6:24

13.) When did Christ put spittle on a man's eye?
† John 9:6

14.) Is there any record of Jesus and his desciples singing together?
† Matthew 26:30 and Mark 14:26

15.) In what two gospels is the Lord's Prayer found?
† Matthew 6:9-15 and Luke 11:2-4

16.) When did Jesus say that He was the resurrection?
† John 11:25

17.) What were Christ's three temptations in the wilderness?
† Matthew 4:1-11

18.) What man is unstable in all his ways?
† James 1:8

19.) To whom does God give grace?
† James 4:6

20.) What causes faith to be dead?
† James 2:17

21.) Who were the three most famous of the human ancestors of Christ?
† Matthew 1:1-16

22.) What river does the Bible call "the great river"?
† Deuteronomy 1:7

23.) How was Elijah taken up into heaven?
† II Kings 2:1,11

24.) Who said that Christ would baptize with the Holy Ghost?
† Mark 1:8

25.) Who was called the "Lamb of God" and who called him that?
† John 1:29

26.) What does the proverb say of one "that spareth the rod"?
† Proverbs 13:24

27.) In Christ's parable, what happened to the seeds that fell amoung the thorns?
† Mark 4:7

28.) What leader fell off a seat and broke his neck?
† 1 Samuel 4:18

29.) How many Beatitudes did Christ pronounce?
† Matthew 5:1-12

30.) What book was written to a woman?
† II John

31.) Who did Christ say were the same to him as his mother, his sister, and his brother?
† Mark 3:35

32.) Who was the first Christian martyr and how was he killed?
† Acts 7:59

33.) Whose bones did Moses take with him in the exodus from Egypt?
† Exodus 13:19

34.) For how many pieces of silver did Judas betray Jesus?
† Matthew 27:3

35.) Who was Moses' assistant?
† Exodus 4:14

36.) Who desired certain places in heaven for her sons?
† Matthew 20:20-21

37.) Who shall be exalted?
† Matthew 23:12

38.) Who said, "Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian"?
† Acts 26:27

39.) After Job lost his livestock and children, what was the final blow to that patient man?
† Job 2:7

40.) How large was the lad's lunch which Christ used to feed 5000?
† John 6:9

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