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The Holy Bible

There is no other book in the world quite like the Bible. It is an exceptional piece of literature. You can read it to enjoy the artistic beauty of its poetry, the exciting action of its books of history, and the drama of its prophets. You can look to the Bible for comfort or guidance, inspiration or entertainment.

But the Bible is much more than this. It is also God's special revelation, teaching us about God and pointing the way to salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ. As God's Word, the Bible speaks authoritatively to all our needs and desires and calls on us to listen and obey. These are the lively oracles of God. These words are true and deeply significant.

This book has the power not only to inform, but to reform and to transform lives. Through its influence countless people have been given a new strength, an unerring purpose and a sure hope in life. To the dying it has brought peace and assurance of eternal life. It has brought blessing to millions in every land and age.

Throughout history, God has continued to direct and illumine mankind through His written word, the Bible. It presents a lifelong challenge: to learn to know God, to love Him, to obey Him. As you incorporate the Word of God into your life, He will bless you with direction and meaning. It is given to you here in this life, it will be open at the judgment, it is established for ever. Come to it with awe, read it with reverence, frequently, slowly, prayerfully.

Now this one unified book is really 66 books, written by at least forty different authors over a period of sixteen hundred years. They were written in thirteen countries, on three continents, by people of different backgrounds. This incredible book could only be written from divine intervention, and there was clearly a Master Architect who designed this book, giving it this wonderful unity.

Holy Bible Statistics

The Theme of The Bible: Salvation - The One Hero of The Bible: Jesus - The One Villain of The Bible: Satan
The Bible Contains:

2 Testaments
66 Books
1,189 Chapters
31,173 Verses
773,962 Words
3,566,480 Letters
The Old Testament Contains:

39 Books
929 Chapters
23,214 Verses
592,439 Words
2,728,100 Letters
The New Testament Contains:

27 Books
260 Chapters
7.959 Verses
181,253 Words
838,380 Letters
 Jesus Inside
This information is only true for the King James Version of The Holy Bible.
For reasons why this doesn't apply to other versions, please click here.

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