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The Bible Version Issue

This page is designed to provide a basic introduction and information regarding the Bible version issue, a subject which should be of the highest concern to any Christian. It is designed to educate you about the great attack on God's words, so that you can intelligently and confidently defend the Authorized Version of God's word against all attackers. May God bless you as you "study to shew thyself approved".

It is my belief that the King James Bible (originally known as the Authorized Version) is God's true and perfect word in the English language. I believe God wrote the Bible through sinful men, I believe God copied the Bible through sinful men, I believe God translated the Bible through sinful men, and I believe God purified the Bible through sinful men. So therefore I believe God gave us the exact words in the exact order He wanted us to have them in. If that's the case then He spelled the words exactly the way He wanted to spell them, and gave them to us in a pure language, and that language is the standard text of the King James Bible. This is the Bible that has stood the test of time without any editing whatsoever and this is the Bible The Believers organization, with God's help, intends to preserve for all future generations.

At one time, I read and studied with a New International Version of the Bible, then I began to notice some rather alarming differences between it and the King James version. After I began to study some of the other various translations, I discovered that all Bibles are not saying the same thing at all. These new versions are full of omissions, additions, and changes. I hope that after spending some time learning about this issue that the truth about the multiplicity of versions will be revealed to you as it was to me.

I have become aware of the battle going on over the Word of God and sadly, it is a battle that most Christians are oblivious to. If you are one such person, then please read this entire page prayerfully, seriously, with an open mind and a prayerful heart. Allow the Holy Spirit to teach you the truth about the NIV translation. This is an issue that is or will impact your spiritual life. It is a conflict that the church is going to have to eventually address because it eats at the very core of the church, which is God's Holy Word.

Many people are confused by the flood of new Bible versions and believe that all Bibles say the same thing, but in reality, they don't. Some have started using the NIV because a friend, a pastor, or an advertisement said it is a popular book and it's easy to read. Anyone, who endorses the NIV as the pure Word of God (especially preachers and Christians who know these facts) will be held accountable at the judgement. You can only plead ignorance until you know better, then you must either accept it or reject it. It is not my intention to offend anyone by this, but merely to help God's people know the real truth.

The King James Bible is translated from the Textus Receptus (received text), also known as the Traditional Text, Majority Text, Universal Text, Byzantine Text, and other names. The Textus Receptus is made up of Antiocian texts, which have avoided the corruption of Alexandrian scholars. The Antiocian texts have been passed down through time and copied by people who fear God and believe the ultimate authority of His word. History shows that the Textus Receptus has the strongest claim of being the authentic representation of the original manuscripts.

Since the original manuscripts are lost and gone forever, how can we know exactly what the words were? Well, there are no originals of either Old Testament manuscripts or New Testament manuscripts left, but God has promised us that He would preserve His words.

To believe that God would inspire scripture, and have it written down by sinful men, but believe that God would not preserve scripture with men is pure nonsense, as well as ignorant of God's promises. Besides, why would God go through the trouble of inspiring scripture, only to have a few read it, and then be lost forever? God's words would not wither away in lost and destroyed manuscripts.

This page is meant to introduce the necessity of study on the Bible version issue, and can only scratch the surface of the issue. The issue is rarely raised among Christians today, despite the fact that we claim the Bible to be our authority. I hope that you have gained an interest on the subject, and will seek the truth.

Why don't more people take a stand on this issue? Basically, it is out of fear of the consequences of such a stand. They are afraid of the rejection of their friends, family, and co-workers. If you really love Jesus and want to do God's work, you will fight to keep His word intact. How bold are you?

The New International Version Bible omits over 63,000 words
when compared to the Authorized King James Version Bible.
Here are just a few examples:
  • "God" is removed 460 times.
  • "Lord" is removed 350 times.
  • "Jesus" is removed over 290 times.
  • "Christ" is removed 25 times.
  • "Blood" is removed 41 times.
  • "Salvation" is removed 42 times.
  • "Devil or Demons" is removed 80 times.
  • "Hell" is removed 40 times.
  • "Heaven" is removed 160 times.
  • "The Word of God" is removed 8 times.
  • "The Word of the Lord" is removed 24 times.
  • "The Lord Jesus Christ" is removed 24 times.

  • Now take a look at what God has said about altering His Holy Word.

    God has warned us about adding to or diminishing from His Words. With this many warnings, we should all be extremely careful how we use God's Word.

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